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  • throughout history, lavender has been a part of various cultures for its calming and soothing effects. ancient egyptians used it in perfumes and for mummification. in ancient greece and rome, people used lavender for bathing, cooking, and scenting the air. people of medieval europe believed it to ward off diseases and evil spirits.


    creating lavender smoke wands likely emerged from a desire to harness its therapeutic benefits in a concentrated form. the process involved bundling dried lavender stems and leaves, which, when burned, released a fragrant and calming smoke. this practice gained popularity in holistic wellness and spiritual communities seeking to integrate lavender’s tranquil energy into their rituals and ceremonies.


    burn lavender sage for soothing and relaxing scents to make you melt. burning lavender de-stresses and releases fears, which can help re-align your vibes.


    • our lavender sage wand measures 7".

      scent notes: calming notes of fresh lavender.

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