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  • ancient aztecs were the first to harvest vanilla orchids; they cherished it for its exotic fragrance and used it in ceremonial offerings. following its discovery by european explorers, vanilla became a prized and sought-after worldwide. today, vanilla remains a symbol of comfort and familiarity, its history intertwined with global cultures and cherished as a timeless fragrance.


    ignite a vanilla incense stick to embark on a sensory journey of relaxation and emotional well-being. the comforting aroma of vanilla connects with feelings of joy and contentment. as the incense smoulders, it releases a gentle, calming fragrance, making it an ideal incense for meditation, mindfulness, and creating a cozy atmosphere.

    warm vanilla incense

    • our warm vanilla incense stick measures 10".

      scent notes: sweet, creamy notes with a hint of exotic richness.

      ⋒ 20 hand rolled incense sticks
      ⋒ burn time is about 50 minutes

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